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Talk to Armashield: 023 9249 8982
Rollashield FC Fire Curtains

Rollashield FC Fire Curtains

Rollashield FC Series

The Rollashield FC Series of fire curtains offers a complete range of fire integrity and insulation protection.

  • Fire performance to BS & EN Standards
  • Ensure the safety of your staff and equipment
  • Ensure compliance with insurance requirements
  • Unobtrusive fire-protection

Rollashield FC fire curtains offer an effective fire safety solution for internal applications where security is not required. The fire curtains are constructed from fire rated fabric, which is stitched and hemmed with Kevlar and stainless steel thread.  The surrounds are very compact and can be powdercoated in a wide range of colours. Fire curtains have the advantage that they can be manufactured to almost infinite widths.

The curtains can be installed with a variety of emergency release mechanisms including fire alarm link, smoke detector or heat sensor. They are available with several different control panel types for different applications and can be fitted with optional gravity fail-safe motor, group-control unit, controlled descent or staged closing mechanism and an emergency retract push button.


  • Servery Hatches
  • Flammable Stores
  • Canteens
  • Lift/Escalator Lobbies
  • Escape Routes
  • Malls

Rollashield FC Fire Curtains

Our standard Rollashield FC fire curtains offer up to 4 hours fire integrity. The curtains are constructed from fire rated fabric and can be manufactured to very large widths. They are a great value solution for locations where a compact, retractable fire barrier is required.

Rollashield FC1000 Fire curtains

Our range-topping Rollashield FC1000 fire curtains provide certified fire integrity, W ratings" for the irradiance of heat and up to 120 minute insulating zone. The need and demand for radiant heat protection for fire curtains is increasing and the FC1000 means we can meet the most demanding requirements in this area.

Rollashield SC Smoke curtains

The Rollashield SC smoke curtain range provides solutions for smoke containment and smoke channelling. For applications where smoke sealing and permeability are top considerations, the Rollashield SC provides a lightweight, robust & quality retractable smoke barrier. Side guides are an optional feature and the curtains can be manufactured to nearly infinite widths.

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