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Talk to Armashield: 023 9249 8982
Rapidor Fold External Speed Doors

Rapidor Fold External Speed Doors

External Folding Speed Doors

Rapidor Fold speed doors offer a great solution for larger openings and external applications. For high-traffic openings the doors help to cut down the costs of energy wastage and lessen the environmental impact, as well as improving productivity. The doors are available with opening speeds of up to 1 metre/second and can be manufactured up to 20 metres wide and 10 metres high.

  • Reliable door for large openings
  • Improve environmental control


  • Factories
  • Loading Bays
  • Breweries
  • Distribution centres
  • Internal & external high-usage doorways
  • Warehouses & stores
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Aircraft hangars

The frame is largely self-supporting requiring a minimum level of structural support. The curtain is tough PVC-coated fabric in a range of colours and with the option of transparent vision panels. Folding speed doors are complete with wind bars, making them ideal for exposed applications, providing wind resistance up to Class 4.

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